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Ticket #188 (new defect)

Opened 8 years ago

Wrong links inserted

Reported by: peter.thornqvist@… Owned by: jacob@…
Priority: major Component: TinyMceAdapter
Keywords: Cc:


Is there any way to change the behavior from inserting relative links to using absolute? We have an error when we insert an image (or anything else) into a field, we get a path that is relative to the template page, not a path relative to the resulting file (i.e our template is in /templates/area/SomePage.aspx, the image/link we insert is in /PageFiles/1/image.png, the page url is something like /pagename, but the path inserted by TMA is ../../PageFiles/1/image.png which is clearly wrong). I suspect it is the code in WrapServerObjectBrowser.aspx.cs OnPreInit that is the problem but I am not sure how to fix it.

One other strange thing: if we insert the image in IE (default editor and with correct link) and then view HTML in FF (with TMA editor), the correct links are replaced with incorrect relative links.

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