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Ticket #110 (new enhancement)

Opened 12 years ago

Add support for cleaning up "junk" files on target

Reported by: bjorn@… Owned by: bjorn@…
Priority: major Component: DeploymentWizard
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During the lifetime of a web application, files become superfluous (.aspx, .ascx, .css, .js, ...). If they are never deleted, a growing number of unused files will accumulate on the target.

The Deployment Wizard could have support for cleaning up files on the target before deploying the new version of a web application/component. However, this must be done carefully, so that any required files are not deleted by accident!

One way to solve this task is to define cleanup paths in the ComponentDefinitions.xml file. In other words, each component's deployment definition specifies which files that safely can be cleaned up (deleted) during it's deployment. This definition should support multiple paths, and wildcard characters.

For example, imagine that a web application has all its templates under \templates\, and that there exists a module called "MyModule" in that web application with all its templates under \templates\mymodule\. In the ComponentDefinitions.xml file, one could specify to clean up "\templates\mymodule\*.aspx" for the module "MyModule".

Modules should have an appropriate folder-structure (using separate subfolders to contain module-specific files rather than mixing module-specific files with files belonging to the actual "root" web application) in order for such a cleanup task to have the greatest benefit possible.

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