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Ticket #108 (new enhancement)

Opened 12 years ago

Add support for importing pagetypes

Reported by: bjorn@… Owned by: bjorn@…
Priority: major Component: DeploymentWizard
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It would be nice if one could select pagetypes to import as part of the deployment to a target website.

This will require:
The connection string to the EPiServer database must be specified in the Wizard's EnvironmentDefinitions.xml file.
Pagetypes that are new/modified for a version of a component must be specified as XML files, in some predefined file/folder structure below the component release folder (different versions may require different pagetypes to be imported).
The "custom installation" page in the wizard should allow the user to select/unselect whether to import new/modified pagetypes as part of the deployment.
If "import pagetypes" are selected as part of the deployment, the wizard must display a page where all the pagetypes available for import (detected after validating each of the pagetype-xml-files) are presented in a checkbox-list. The user can then select which ones that should be imported during deployment.
The wizard must programmatically parse the pagetype-xml-files and import them into EPiServer. This type of functionality has already been implemented in the EPiPageTypeUtil project, which I'm sure can provide lots of inspiration.

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