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News from CodeResort.com

The Blog feature was introduced with the upgrade on January 17th, 2008. As of then all news and messages will be published on the Official CodeResort Blog.

There will therefore not be any new information published to this page, but as it contains useful information we will not remove it - for the time being, at least.

2007-11-27 ::: DAV File Share for every project (new feature)

Today we introduced a new feature that ideally should supplement the storage options already available in a CodeResort project. The basic portfolio of storage options is now:

  • Web project (wiki, tickets, forum and more) for ongoing work and reference material of any kind.
  • Subversion repository for storage of source code under version control with change logs full traceability.
  • DAV-based File Share for storing supplemental files such external software used by the project, other office files and project documents, and anything else not naturally fitting as attachments to wiki pages or stored under version control.

The feature is default enabled for all projects, but not all users will be able to access it unless they are granted permissions. The permission model is very simple: Either you have DAV-FILES_READ that lets you read all files, or you get DAV-FILES_WRITE to read and write. If you have neither, you will not be able to access files or map up the volume locally.

See the new File Share menu tab in your project for more information. Enjoy!

2007-11-08 ::: Scheduled downtime on Nov. 11

CodeResort is moving to a new and shiny server this coming Sunday.

The service will be unavailable from 2007-11-11 20:00 CET, and it will likely take some hours before everything is moved - 4-6 hours is our best-guess estimate.

Update: Move to new server is completed, with service downtime limited to 1:45 hours (20:00 - 21:45).

2007-06-01 ::: My CodeResort - your personal project

We have introduced a new feature called "My CodeResort". As a registered user on CodeResort, you can now have your own 'project space' - like a regular project, but with some features disabled.

My CodeResort gives you:

  1. A place to store your private notes, probably regarding the projects you're involved with on CodeResort, but it could be anything.
  2. A 'home' on CodeResort where we'll provide personalised, consolidated information across projects - starting with a cross-project ticket report.

More exiting features will be available through My CodeResort in the time to come, so read on to get started with your own project.

Get Started

Log in to CodeResort as usual. The link in middle of the top navigation will say "My CodeResort (create profile)". Click it and register your username (a personal shortname used as project name) and some information about who you are. The form includes an e-mail news and alerts opt-in checkbox - check it if you want us to keep in touch, and if don't we will leave you alone. Note also that your settings and information can be updated by you at any time afterwards.

Using your project

Your personal project has the same wiki module as other projects, which means you can create as many wiki pages as you'd like. If you create a page called 'PublicInformationPage' it will be exposed to visitors that navigate to your user project (like www.coderesort.com/u/stevec). Use your wiki start page for shortcuts to other projects, personal notes, or anything you'd like to store safely online.

The 'My Tickets' report is a great way to see all 'your' tickets from all the projects you're involved in - open tickets where you are 'reporter', 'owner', on the 'cc' list, or have made comments. If you are involved in several projects that use the ticket system, this report will provide you with everything that concerns you.


2007-05-07 ::: CodeResort API available

We are now offering an XML-RPC based API to most of the important features of CodeResort, including both the Wiki and Ticket systems. Using the API, it would be easy to interface with the information stored in your project, and there is also support for modifying information.

Here are some ideas for what could be done:

  • Fetch open tickets for the project and list them on your intranet.
  • Create a script to send email reminders to ticket owners based on certain criteria.
  • Let your automated build system store status messages on a wiki page by replacing or appending content.
  • If your website or application has some sort of 'report a bug' form, have the form data converted and inserted as new tickets in your CodeResort project.
  • Some IDEs now have support for accessing ticket data from Trac (that CodeResort is built on), and those IDEs (Eclipe/Mylar for instance) should work by just pointing them to your project.

We would welcome any feedback on the APIs and usage, and if you do create code that you could share with us, we would be very happy to put it up on the site as example code or ready-to-use modules. If so, please ContactUs.

More information is available in a new 'api' project that is now available to all registered users - see the information on the front page of the project to get started.

2007-03-26 ::: Improvements to TOC macro

The Table of Contents (TOC) macro is now improved, and more usable for various common circumstances. In short the macro can provide an outline (headings) of a page or pages, or provide a title index for pages, a 'section' or all pages - all in a floating box on the right of the page. Read more on the HelpUser/WikiMacros help page.

Here are now some common use cases for your wiki pages:

  • [[TOC(News)]] -- provides an outline of H1 and H2 on the current page with default title
  • [[TOC(PageOne, PageTwo, PageThree depth=3)]] -- outline of H1-H3 (heading text with link) from specified pages
  • [[TOC(titleindex)]] -- index of all pages in the wiki (useful for front page at least)
  • [[TOC(MySection, titleindex)]] -- index of all pages starting with 'MySection' like 'MySection/Configure' and so on
  • [[TOC(MySection, heading=My Section pages, titleindex)]] -- same as above with custom heading

2007-02-20 ::: New design

We have redesigned the site, and hope you are all happy with the result. Hopefully it provides a pleasant interface for you all to work with - without sacrificing usability.

If you have any comments about the new design, or discover 'issues' that do not work well for you, please let us know: ContactUs

2006-11-01 ::: Forums available for all projects

A discussion forum is now available for all projects. A forum has been a much requested feature, and can typically be used for much of the informal communication in and around a project - such as support issues, information requests, and any kind of structured discussion about features, documentation and so on.

The Forum is not enabled by default for existing projects, and any project owner that want to enable access to the forum can do so by adding one or more of these permissions. Here is a typical example allowing regular users (a group) normal view and post access to the forum:


Timeline and RSS: Any post in the Forum is also available in the Timeline, if you want to follow all the action there. The timeline also provides an RSS feed, and just include option Discussion changes in your interests and hit 'Update'. The RSS link at the bottom of the timeline will now reflect your selections. Any existing subscriptions must be updated if you want the Forum posts to appear - either update in Timeline and grab the new link, or by editing your own feed URL and appending &discussion=on.

Linking: The forum also supports internal linking (HelpUser/Links), and you can easily link to either a forum or a specific discussion. Here is a quick overview of the wiki syntax for linking to Forum:

[forum:1]Link to forum list for Forum 1 (can list many topics).
[topic:3]Link to a specific topic/discussion thread (id=3).
[message:12]Link to a specific message in a discussion (id=12).
[topic:3 Discuss it here!]Link with alterative text displayed.

Read more at HelpUser/Forum.

2006-09-07 ::: Major upgrade to CodeResort

The web interface for CodeResort has gone through a major upgrade, as we have moved to the 0.10 version of Trac - the underlying system on which CodeResort is based on.

Some of the changes you'll notice right away are:

  • the possibility for threaded comments in the ticket system. You can now respond to a spesific comment in a ticket, and have it placed in context to the original. Much like a threaded discussion forum. Ideal for fast changing tickets, or tickets that spawns off topic.
  • download a directory as a zip file. That's true, just browse the repository, and if you want to download all files in a directory and all subdirectories, click the "Zip Archive" link down at the bottom of the page.
  • difference support for arbitrary paths. You can compare the trunk to any branch, to see the difference between branches.
  • citation support, like:
    >> Someone's original text
    > Someone else's reply text
    My reply text

Someone's original text

Someone else's reply text

My reply text

  • better support for viewing the version differences on wiki pages. You can easily navigate the history too using Previous Change and Next Change.
  • linking to wiki pages can be done more easily, you do not have to prefix wiki links, like [wiki:news What's New] can now be expressed as [news What's New]
  • when previewing a wiki change, you'll also see the comment, because you are commenting your wiki changes, right?
  • if you've used the inline way of embedding images in your page (just entering the address of the image, that is), you'll need to change this to use the [[Image]] macro instead.

A new setting has also been added to 'Basic Settings' page in Admin, where a project owner can turn off the display of links for 'missing pages'. A word like 'CamelCase' will not be rendered as a link unless a page exists, and there is no need to escape words (!CamelCase) or have your source code file names appear as 'missing' whenever mentioned.

There are quite a few other changes, and more information can be by reviewing changes to the 'Help' pages. Note that a number of the pages have changed name (new pages), so a 'diff' might not always be available. Also review any use of Help page names or links inside projects or as bookmarks.

2006-06-20 ::: Create Login and Apply for Project Membership

Finally! Anyone can now create a new login at CodeResort by just supplying an email and a password. The email will be the unique key for all access and all activity at CodeResort projects - and used for assigning all permissions to project resources. The link is available next to 'Login' at all times and in all projects, but do note that the login created will be a 'global' login for CodeResort - not specific to any one project.

As we have login creation available, the natural next step was to make available functionality to apply for memberships to projects. A link to an application form is available for all users when navigating to a project where the user is not registered with any permissions. The application is then sent by email to the project users that have admin rights assigned (TRAC_ADMIN in Admin/General/Permissions).

If you want to add a new (not previously registered) user to your project, just make them:

  1. Go to your project URL.
  2. Create a Login to CodeResort (link on page).
  3. Follow the link to Apply for Project Membership and send application (link, and available after Login).

One last thing; On the Apply for Project Membership page, a short project description is shown to the user. The text for this is fetched from Admin/General/Basic Settings, and please make sure to check and update this text as it now gets displayed to users for the first time ;-)

2006-06-20 ::: Change Password available for registered users

There is now a new 'My Settings' link available in the menu next to login/logout - available for logged in users.

If your user authentication is based on a username and password registered by CodeResort, you now have the option to change the generated password. We require a strong password - minimum 6 characters with at least one digit (0-9), one lowercase (a-z) and one uppercase letter (A-Z).

Note: If you are using your DevNet username and password, the password cannot be changed at CodeResort.

2006-06-16 ::: code.bvnetwork.no becomes www.coderesort.com

We have now updated the branding and url's for the site, and also implemented a new SSL certificate to match the new main url's in use.

The change should not involve any 'breaking changes' for any users, but we recommend that you migrate any references you might have to the new URL:

  • Bookmarks -- 'Properties', and replace code.bvnetwork.no with www.coderesort.com
  • RSS feeds -- again, replace servername

For Subversion (repositories), everything should work as well as we still respond to the old servername. However, as no Subversion client default has any stored Certificate Authority or similar, all new SSL certificates must be accepted explicitly. Please accept our new *.coderesort.com certificate :-)

However, local working copies of repositories can easily be updated to use the new URL. Here is example of how it is done using TortoiseSVN:

  1. Right-click on the top level of your local working copy
  2. In the TortoiseSVN menu, choose 'Relocate...'
  3. Update the URL by replacing code.bvnetwork.no with www.coderesort.com
  4. 'Yes' when warning is presented
  5. Accept SSL certificate (if done already, this step is skipped)
  6. Enter username and password, and check 'Save authentication'
  7. Done!
  8. End note: At first Update or Commit you might have to enter username/password again (and 'Save authentication')

TortoiseSVN Relocate... window.