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Creating and deleting Wiki pages

Wiki Page Names

Wiki page names are written using CamelCase. CamelCase is the original wiki convention for creating hyperlinks, a is a term for words created by smashing together capitalized words.

Within a wiki text, any word in CamelCase automatically becomes a hyperlink to the wiki page with that same name. And a page that does not exist will be marked for easy creation: CamelCase

Page names must follow these rules:

  1. The name must consist of alphabetic characters only. No digits, spaces, punctuation, or underscores are allowed.
  2. A name must have at least two capital letters.
  3. The first character must be capitalized.
  4. Every capital letter must be followed by one or more lower-case letters.
  5. The use of slash ( / ) is permitted to create a hierarchy inside the wiki. Use Subwiki macro listed in HelpUser/WikiMacros to create a list of pages in a section.

If you want to create a wiki page that doesn't follow CamelCase rules you could use the following syntax:

[wiki:Wiki_page Wiki page]

This will be rendered as:

Wiki page?

Add a New Wiki Page

  1. Choose a name for your new page. See above for naming conventions.
  2. Edit an existing page and add a hyperlink to your new page. Save your changes.
  3. Follow the link you created to take you to the new page. Trac will display a "describe PageName here" message.
  4. Click the "Edit this page" button to edit and add content to your new page. Save your changes.
  5. All done. Your new page is published.

Wiki Page Templates

The default content for a new wiki page can be chosen from a list of page templates.

That list is made up from all the existing wiki pages having a name starting with PageTemplates/. The initial content of a new page will simply be the content of the chosen template page, or a blank page if the special (blank page) entry is selected. When there's actually no wiki pages matching that prefix, the initial content will always be the blank page and the list selector will not be shown.

To create a new template, simply create a new page having a name starting with PageTemplates/.

Delete an existing Wiki Page

Users with WIKI_DELETE permissions can delete wiki pages using the "delete page" or the "delete this version" buttons at the bottom of the wiki page. These buttons are only visible for users with WIKI_DELETE permissions.

Note: This is an irreversible operation.

Rename a Wiki Page

There is no way to rename an existing Wiki page. The only option is to:

  • Create a new page with the new name
  • Copy content of the old page into the editor
  • Delete the old page

Note: All references to pages are by name only, and any links to the old name will have to be updated manually.