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Interactive Talk Rooms

Use Talk to host interactive group chats in projects. Use Talk to:

  • Provide permanent project discussions, general or for specific topics
  • Host meetings or live events
  • Make personal or group Twitter-like feeds of notes and noteworthy news
  • Paste code and problems like a support board

Enable / Disable

Talk is default enabled for all projects, but if the feature is not needed it can always be disabled - and re-enabled whenever needed inside project Admin->Features:

Enable / disable Talk in projects.


  • TALK_VIEW = View available talks, and participate as viewer.
  • TALK_USE = Participate in talks, adding messages and attachments for non-closed rooms.
  • TALK_CREATE = Creating rooms and editing room information.
  • TALK_ADMIN = Any Talk feature and administrative action available.

Basic features and usage


  • All messages are considered wiki markup, and are rendering with full formatting and link support
  • File upload, with preview of images and syntax highlighting of code files
  • Endless history, available in Search and Timeline as well

Give yourself a nickname, and start talking!

More Help is available in the sidebar inside talks.