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Rendering ReadMe Files in Repository

When in 'Browse Source' for navigating and reading the source code of a project through the web interface, any file in a directory starting with 'README' will be displayed automatically. Use this feature to render helpful text related to getting started, licensing or getting further information about the project. The file name can be any variation of 'README(*)', upper-case or lower-case.

The file renders using the various file and mime-type information available - as plain text, as syntax highlighted text, or even as HTML markup using typically the wiki renderer.

HTML rendering using Wiki markup

HTML can be rendered by using wiki markup to output nice-looking and easy-to-read information. Try it out by making a file named README.wiki in a root directory of your repository, and here is some content to get you started on your file:

= About <my source> =

This is the source for the '''<solution>''', and here is some information to get you started.

Compile and install:
 1. Do this.
 1. Do that.
 1. Restart.

You may need to update your web.config file:

For documentation see WikiStart.

If you find issues, plese use [query:?status=!closed View Tickets] to check for currently open tickets,
and open a [/newticket new ticket] if one doesn't already exist.

The source is copyright <someone>, and may or may not be copied.


 --- The Team @ https://www.coderesort.com/p/sandbox

As an alternative to naming the file .wiki (like just README), you can edit the Subversion properties for the file and set its mime-type to text/x-trac-wiki.

See wiki:HowTo/5MinutesWikiMarkup for an introduction to the essence of wiki markup.