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Project File Storage

All CodeResort projects can have an online file share. It is a non-versioned WebDAV file store that can be used for various project files that do not belong in either repository or as attachments to wiki pages, tickets and similar - like:

  • Installers for supporting software packages.
  • Development software, configurations and development databases.
  • Reference documentation for external software or hardware.
  • Work-in-progress files or temporary files for storage or transfer to others.
  • Various supporting Office documents or graphic files.

The file share can be accessed at https://www.coderesort.com/dav/<projectname>

Access and Security

The File Share is enabled for all projects by default. You can disable it under Admin / Features.

In order to read files from the file share, you need the DAV-FILES_READ permission. Consequently, to write to the file share, you need the DAV-FILES_WRITE permission. These permissions are only available if the File Share feature is enabled (see Admin / Features).

Get Connected

WebDAV is commonly known as Internet-enabled file sharing with some support in all operating systems, and various common software such as Microsoft Office.

Instructions for Microsoft Windows XP

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Select File > Open (or Ctrl+o) and enter the URL to your file share (https://www.coderesort.com/dav/<projectname>).
  3. Check 'Open as Web Folder' (or the URL will not opened as a WebDAV file share).
  4. Use your CodeResort login (email) and password
  5. Windows will now show a Windows Explorer folder just as if you where browsing your local file system.

Microsoft Office applications are by default WebDAV aware, and you can open Office documents by double-clicking a file in the file browser window. Any changes you make to these can be saved back to the WebDAV file share directly from Office.

Other document types must be copied locally to be opened, as most applications do not know how to open a document on a WebDAV share. Using Windows Explorer, you can add files (by dragging them into the WebDAV folders), move and delete just a you would on your local file system.

For more advanced uses, there are third-party software that is able to map the WebDAV file share as a regular network drive. See the Svnbook WebDAV Interoperability for a list of WebDAV aware applications. We have tested Microsoft Web Folders (Windows Explorer), Novell NetDrive (shipped with NetWare) and the built-in Mac OS X support with CodeResort. The WebDrive product from South River Technologies also work with CodeResort, and allow you to mount a WebDAV share as a local drive, working with files just as if they where located on your local hard drive or a network share.

Instructions for Microsoft Windows Vista

To make Vista WebDAV work properly, a fix needs to be installed.

Then, to make a connection to the CodeResort file share:

  1. Click 'Map network drive'.
  2. In the dialog box that appears, click 'Connect to a web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures' toward the bottom.
  3. When asked where you want to create this network location, select 'Choose a custom network location'.
  4. Enter the URL to your project file share (https://www.coderesort.com/dav/<projectname>).
  5. Enter your login and password.
  6. When asked to 'Specify the location of your web site', enter a name to use as label in your file system - like 'myproject-files'.
  7. A dialog confirming successful creation should now appear, and remember to click the checkbox to 'Open this network location when I click Finish'.

The folder should now be available like any other attached network share when browing 'Computer'.

Instructions for Microsoft Windows 7

  1. Click 'Map network drive'.
  2. Select a drive letter for mapping, and enter the URL to your project file share (https://www.coderesort.com/dav/<projectname>) as folder. Also, be sure to click 'Connect using different credentials'.
  3. Click 'Finish', and enter your CodeResort login/email and password in the dialog that gets presented.

Windows should now be connected, and the share should be available like any other attached network share ('Network Location').

Instructions for Mac OS X

  1. In Finder, shortcut Cmd-K to 'Connect to Server...'
  2. Enter the URL to the project file share (https://www.coderesort.com/dav/<projectname>)
  3. Login using your CodeResort login (email) and password

The share will now be available as a regular network drive, and all file types can be opened, edited and saved.