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Bitten Slave Download and Install

Overview of steps to install the build slave. This page assumes a Windows computer, although it should apply to any OS with appropriate adjustments.

Step 1: Install Subversion

Download and install the command-line svn client if you don't have it:

svn should after installation be available on the command line - run svn --version to verify.

Note: Subversion is not strictly necessary for getting the Bitten slave installed, but you'll need it later anyway in order to checkout source from CodeResort as part of you build execution. Get it now.

Step 2: Install Python

Download and install python if you don't have it: http://www.python.org/download/. Install Python 2.x - latest Python 2.6.x is a good choice.

Install, and verify that the corresponding directories are on system or user PATH: C:\Python26\ and C:\Python26\Scripts\.

Step 3: Install Setuptools

Setuptools is a package installation module for Python, and Bitten Slave depends on it.

Download and save this file to a temporary folder: ez_setup.py

Change path to the download directory, and install ez_setup by running this command:

python ez_setup.py

Step 4: Install Bitten Slave

The Slave software is available for download at http://bitten.edgewall.org/wiki/Download, and can also be installed directly by referring to the 'egg' (Python zipped package) for your corresponding Python version

easy_install -U http://ftp.edgewall.com/pub/bitten/BittenSlave-latest-py2.6.egg

The -U option forces a check for newer version, so the command can be re-run later if you need to upgrade the slave.

Step 5: Test the installation

Run this command that should output available command-line options:

bitten-slave -h

To verify that builds are enabled for your project and that you have the required BUILD_EXEC permission to execute builds, try polling for any available builds - using -n to specify a dry-run:

bitten-slave -n -u me@myhost.com -P https://www.coderesort.com/p/sandbox/builds

...(replacing me@myhost.com with your CodeResort username, and .../sandbox/... with the name of your CodeResort project).