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Welcome to Code - Get Started with your Project

Having a Code project means having one place for documentation and code, as well as an issue tracker for bugs, enhancements and tasks related to the project. This page is about introducing the core services of Wiki, Subversion repository and Ticket System.

Project Environment

A Code project environment is made up of a number of interrelated modules that provide core services:

Wiki: The wiki contains only the front page (WikiStart), and all other pages have to be added. Use the Wiki for all general information and documentation about your project.

Timeline: The timeline provides a recent changes list for all aspect of the project.

Roadmap: Divide your project into milestones, and have the roadmap present the overview of project direction and progress.

Browse Source: The Subversion repository is available directly, and browse it using the defined access rights.

View Tickets: Get detailed reports and track all planned changes to your project -- tickets can be enhancements, bugs or any other to-do.

New Ticket: Create a new task for the project.

Search: Search through all information in the project.

Help: Use the Help section for information about how to set up or use any part of Code. The Help section also allows adding your own HelpProject pages.


The project environment includes a repository based on Subversion.

The repository is located at: https://www.coderesort.com/svn/projectshortname Replace "projectshortname" with the name of your project as it appears in the title of this page.

To update the repository, use one of the Subversion clients:

  • TortoiseSVN -- Windows Shell Extension for Subversion. (Recommended)
  • Subclipse -- A Subversion Eclipse Plugin.
  • RapidSVN -- Multi-platform GUI front-end for the Subversion revision system.
  • AnkhSVN -- VS.NET addin for the Subversion version control system.

Project Owner: Get Started

As a project owner you need to provide som basic setup to get the site functional for yourself and your users.

As project owner you have access to the Admin menu where all basic properties of the site can be edited.

Suggestions for checklist:

  • Admin
    • Set up basic parameters such as your components, versions, milestone and other tags to use for ticket system.
    • Define access rights for other users -- groups, named users, "registered" or "anonymous".
  • Subversion
    • Get your code organised and put into the repository
  • Wiki
    • Write basic content and documentation - ideas:
      • Basic idea of project - the "why", the "what" and the "who"
      • The license for using, modifying and/or distributing the software
      • How to download and get your software up and running (install)
      • Documentation of the code and how to make changes (develop)
    • Edit the WikiStart page to remove this information, and replace with your own!
  • Invite users'''

Best practices:

  • Working! -- Make sure the code w/install documentation works for users/developers.
  • Documented! -- Help everyone move from "beginner" to "experienced" with minimal difficulties.
  • Alive! -- Project launch is where the work starts; make sure there is continuous progress with up-to-date code and information.
  • Share! -- Use this environment for all your code and information; sharing means getting more back.

Learn more

This project is hosted on http://www.coderesort.com operated by BV Network AS.

Read more at About or ContactUs if you have any questions.