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Making Web Parts Language Independent

If you're using the Web Part Framework or the Flexigrid module you can now have pages on your multilanguage site that show the same web parts for all languages of the same page.

Thomas Haug from Gazette has added a small check in the core of the web part framework for a property on the current page that is called LanguageIndependentWebParts of type Boolean. If the page has such a property, and the value has been set to true, the web parts for this page will be stored independent of language.

You might have landing pages that should be the same regardless of language, or more likely, all your web parts are language sensitive in the first place, so adding them to all languages is a pain. You don't have to anymore (that is - as long as you use the source code with revision 515 or later.) If you want this property to be true by default, set true as default value on the property in the page type in admin mode.

A good example on how you can change the core of an existing module without breaking existing code, but still add a valuable new feature. Thanks Thomas!


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