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Anonymous access to Browse Source

We have made some changes to Epicode project access, where the major change has been to open 'Browse Source' to anonymous users. That means everyone can now review and follow changes to all project source code without membership. See Browse Source.

Project membership is still required for Subversion access to the source code, and for creating or modifying information in any part of the project.

Also, we recently closed the project Forum due to extremely low activity and the somewhat confusing distinction between Forum (support, general) and Ticket system (bugs, enhancements). Ticket system is now to be used for all requests, and we have made a new ticket type called 'question' that can be used for any general or specific question. See New Ticket.

Screencasts are now working (updated)

Just to let you know, we know that the screencasts are not working, and we're looking into it.

I'll update this post when the error has been fixed.

UPDATE March 30th

Due to security restrictions in Flash 10, most screencasts stopped working. We have moved the video files to another location and they are now working.

EPiCode Awards 2008

On Wednesday the 12th of November, we held the annual EPiCode Awards as part of our Christmas Tech Forum in Norway.

Module of The Year

Module of The Yeare badgeEasySearch from NetworkedPlanet won the prestigious Module of The Year award.

NetworkedPlanet follows best practices when developing the search module for EPiServer CMS, giving full insight into each step of the development by committing often and good comments. Responds to tickets in a timely manner and makes new releases available often. The source is of high quality and contains some of the most advanced event handling and page life cycle tracking available on the EPiServer platform.


NetworkedPlanet has also blogged about the award. Read it at their website.


We took the list of active contributors on EPiCode, and drew 5 people that won an iPod Shuffle. The lucky ones are:

  • Dan Matthews (Interakting)
  • Thomas Leela (Epinova)
  • Tore Gjerdrum (Tarantell)
  • Thomas Haug (Gazette)
  • Adam Najmanowicz (Cognifide)

Congratulations to all of you! We appreciate all contributions to EPiCode, so make sure you commit your own code, modules and fixes. If you did not win this year, you might get lucky next year.

Remember - all commits count!

May 2008 Usage Statistics

Seeing we are a community site, and all of you have to suffer the slightly added delay in page views due to Google Analytics, we figured at least some of you may be interested in some of the actual numbers we have gathered. Below is some numbers related to activity in May and current status. Note that these figures are just related to web browsing - all access through various Subversion clients are not directly included.

We've had roughly 1.000 unique visitors in May for a total of 2.000 visits. The visits generated some 16.000 page views, and on average you spent 6 minutes reading your 8 pages per visit.

It turns out close to 50% of you accessed the EPiCode project directly, and no doubt various recent news and blog entries in the EPiServer-sphere brought you directly to some specific pages of interest. These where the most popular landing pages (except frontpage):

  1. CloudCuckoo
  2. PictureGallery
  3. Blog
  4. Flexigrid
  5. MultiPageProperty

As repository activity is not tracked by Google Analytics, what constitues a 'download' is not all that easy to decide - many of you will just do a Subversion 'update' to get the latest modules. However, from what we can gather this should be a rough overview of 'code usage' popularity in May (top 10):

  1. MultiPageProperty
  2. PageContainer
  3. PictureGallery
  4. GoogleMaps
  5. EPiWebParts
  6. Newsletter?
  7. Flexigrid
  8. ImageListProperty
  9. PageTreeIcons
  10. LinkReport

As the number of registered community members have just turned 500, EPiCode is turning into quite a large online community! And, as the number of users keep rising each month, we do feel we are on the right track - and that you as users do get value back from participating. Openness and shared source builds a strong foundation, and with currently 24 modules in the repository there should be something for everyone - if not, please build it and share it with the rest of us!

Thanks everyone!