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404 Handler now for CMS 5 too

The custom 404 handler module, one of the first modules on EPiCode has been migrated to EPiServer CMS 5 by Making Waves in co-operation with Visit Norway. A big thank you to both for contributing to the EPiServer open source community!

In addition, the module has had a little face lift and some refactoring to remove unused features and better error handling.

The purpose of the custom 404 handler is to:

  1. support simple and complex url redirections, allowing you to redirect known (old) urls to their new place on your EPiServer site.
  2. allow you to have your own design and content on the 404 page you show your visitors.

A common misconception is that you use the 404 handler module to just have a nice looking "404 not found" error page. Redirecting people to see the correct content instead of the 404 page is the real purpose of the module. See the custom redirect configuration example on how to make the 404 handler work for you.

The module is especially useful for new sites that are moving to EPiServer and have lots of existing urls that should redirect to content on the new site. In most cases, when you move to EPiServer from some other system, the urls will change, but you want to maintain (at least the most used) urls that people have bookmarked or linked.

With the new version of the module, making a 404 page that is using the same design and navigation as your main site is easier. Just inherit from the correct base class and point to your master page, and add your own content.

Go check out the module, see the custom redirects and example 404 pages.