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PageTreeIcons - so natural that it feels like EPiServer

I have just downloaded and installed the module and I must say I am impressed! Not just the module it self, but the fact that documentation, source code and a EPiServer Manager installation *zip file have been added to EPiCode without us in BV Network being involved - big up to Henrik Nyström.

Now, back to the module... I have held a lot of editor and admin courses and one of the FAQ's are; "how do I know if a page fetch its data from another page?". "Well, go to edit, switch to "shortcut/external link" and check..."

Not any more! The idea behind PageTreeIcons feels so natural that you wonder why this isn't a part of standard EPiServer? Luckily the module has found it's way to EPiCode and I can now tell the course participants; "if you wonder if a page fetches its data from another page - just look at the icon!".

As for improvements I would like to get information about what page it is fetching its data from with an option to navigate to that page.

Keep the modules coming!