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Manage your Newsletters in EPiServer

The Newsletter module lets you create pages in EPiServer and send pages as emails to many recipients. In contrast to the built-in subscription feature this module is push based, as you define the content, and control the sending.

The feature list include:

  • Sample Newsletter template
  • Subscribe/ unsubscribe templates
  • HTML and text formatted content
  • Import e-mail addresses with duplicate handling
  • And as with all modules on EPiCode, full source code for you to change, improve and adjust to your needs.

We have just created a new screencast of the module in use. Check it out today.

Download the module (or check out the code)

Note: This is one of two modules on EPiCode that actually cost money to use in a customer project. We simply ask you to send an e-mail with the billing information and you are ready to go.

As always we are looking to expand the offering on EPiCode. We ask that if you have a module or piece of code that you are proud of or you think someone else could benefit from - please post it on EPiCode!

Happy spamming!