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Posts in category Labs

New module from EPiServer AB: Content Generator

Per Bjurström from EPiServer added a new module to EPiCode today, the Content Generator. It allows you to create lots and lots of pages on your site to test performance, structure and layout.

It has a windows client for controlling the job, and allows millions of pages to be created (you never know when you need that).

See these blog posts for more information and screenshots:

Two new modules from EPiServer AB

Ruwen Jin and Johan Olofsson from the EPiServer Research team has added two modules today:

  • TranslateX - a module to help translate EPiServer pages if you work with external translation services, such as LionBridge or Translations.com
  • PageScripts - a powerful module to help you manage client scripts on your site without having to modify any templates. See Johan's blog for more information and screenshots.

The Research team has also been involved in other modules on EPiCode, like the Google Analytics page plugin and the really nice Google Maps integration module.

Thanks for contributing!