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Posts in category Installation

Change in xmlupdate format for CMS 5 R2 SP1

If you're creating .zip installers for your modules, you need to be aware of a change in the format of the xmlupdate file between CMS 5 R2 and CMS R2 SP1:

Note that in CMS5 R2 sp1, you need to replace name="" with attributeName="" and value="" with attributeValue=""

Read the documentation on World.

If you .zip installer contains an xmlupdate file, you will probably have to create different packages to target the different EPiServer CMS 5 versions.

Great news - the *.zip installation for EPiServer is back!

With the release of EPiServer CMS R2 (version 5.2.375.7) the installation of modules and plug-ins via *.zip files was interrupted. However, through the power of the people EPiServer decided to re-introduce the *.zip installation, which is really good news for the modules here on EPiCode (for more information read Paul Smith's blog at labs.

For information on how to package a module as a *.zip file, please read Mari Jørgensen's post at labs.

If you have a module on EPiCode today (or are planning to submit one) please make a R2 *.zip installation file of it!