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Making Web Parts Language Independent

If you're using the Web Part Framework or the Flexigrid module you can now have pages on your multilanguage site that show the same web parts for all languages of the same page.

Thomas Haug from Gazette has added a small check in the core of the web part framework for a property on the current page that is called LanguageIndependentWebParts of type Boolean. If the page has such a property, and the value has been set to true, the web parts for this page will be stored independent of language.

You might have landing pages that should be the same regardless of language, or more likely, all your web parts are language sensitive in the first place, so adding them to all languages is a pain. You don't have to anymore (that is - as long as you use the source code with revision 515 or later.) If you want this property to be true by default, set true as default value on the property in the page type in admin mode.

A good example on how you can change the core of an existing module without breaking existing code, but still add a valuable new feature. Thanks Thomas!

New and updated modules on EPiCode

The EPiCode project is stronger than ever and 3 new modules have found its way to "Community source code heaven". The latest addition is a module from Henrik Nyström called PageTreeIcons. I have written a blog post on EPiCode about the feature list for the module. PageTreeIcons is not only a cool module, it also manifest that sharing modules and code through EPiCode is an easy thing to do. Henrik uploaded the source code himself, he created the wiki pages for documentation himself as well as created a EPiServer Manager *.zip install - The EPiCode team hereby give our vote for Henrik as EMVP!

The second module is PageContainer donated by Logica. It resembles the MultiPageProperty in functionality but supports Drag&Drop of pages from the EPiServer tree structure in order to create a set of links. At the moment it does not support external links but as always you can download the module with full source and add it yourself!

The third module added to EPiCode is ImageListProperty. As the name indicates this is the same type of property as the MultiPageProperty, but handles images and flash. The module has been around for some time, but is now updated with documentation, screenshots and an EPiServer Manager *.zip install.

Several of the modules have been updated, either with bug fixes or new functionality. In order to see what happens on EPiCode I recommend that you subscribe to the RSS feed for the EPiCode Timeline.

Picasa2EPiServer(a module that was declared as a "Staff pick" by Mikael Runhem) has now gone from being a hack to "supported code". When the modules was released on EPiCode it was built using various hacks as Google had no official API for the Picasa Windows Client. That is all changed now as Google have released a set of Picasa APIs. The funny part is that the APIs are exactly the same as the hacks the module is based on! Picasa2EPiServer is updated with a CMS icon for the Picasa button.

Other modules that is worth mentioning is Flexigrid. The module could be described as having EPiServer on steroids and viagra (not sure of the actual result from combining the two but it sounds strong)! Flexigrid is one of 3 modules that actually cost money, but the price compared to value is nothing (1,5 days of consulting!) Check out the Screencast.

CloudCuckoo came onto EPiCode as fresh summer breeze and brings the popular feature of Tag Clouding into EPiServer. Tag Clouding is a standard part of the Blog module found in CMS5 but CloudCuckoo enables the feature for any page in EPiServer.

EPiCode still have more disk space available - keep the modules coming!

Screencast of the Flexigrid module has been added

We always try to make a screencasts of the modules on EPiCode but the work is hard and the time is scares so we often fall behind.

However a screencast of the Flexigrid module has been created and is available at https://www.coderesort.com/p/epicode/wiki/Flexigrid/Screencast#Screencast.

If you have any comments on the quality, length or content of the screencasts please let me know!