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LinkDetective Released - Broken links no more

Broken links are ever the problem as a web site grows and evolves.

Broken links on your web site:

  • Frustrates your visitors
  • Is bad for SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Results in lost sales and increased number of support requests

Detecting broken links on your site is currently a major pain, but now you can have an automatic solution that checks all your links (both internal and external) with LinkDetective.


  • Checks all internal and external links including VPP files as a scheduled task.
  • Checks links in String, Long string, XHTML string and MultiPage properties.
  • Not only checks if the page that you link to exists, but also that it is accessible to visitors. (E.g. that it is not unpublished, in the wastebasket etc.)
  • Easy installation (just copy a few files)
  • Quick: Checks 1500 pages with 400 links in 60 seconds.
  • Reports available to editors that shows the exact page and property where the broken link is.
  • Advanced configuration possible (exclude urls, page types, properties etc. if you like)
  • Free

LinkDetective was developed by Alexander Haneng at Making Waves

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