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PageTreeIcons - so natural that it feels like EPiServer

I have just downloaded and installed the module and I must say I am impressed! Not just the module it self, but the fact that documentation, source code and a EPiServer Manager installation *zip file have been added to EPiCode without us in BV Network being involved - big up to Henrik Nyström.

Now, back to the module... I have held a lot of editor and admin courses and one of the FAQ's are; "how do I know if a page fetch its data from another page?". "Well, go to edit, switch to "shortcut/external link" and check..."

Not any more! The idea behind PageTreeIcons feels so natural that you wonder why this isn't a part of standard EPiServer? Luckily the module has found it's way to EPiCode and I can now tell the course participants; "if you wonder if a page fetches its data from another page - just look at the icon!".

As for improvements I would like to get information about what page it is fetching its data from with an option to navigate to that page.

Keep the modules coming!


1. henrik@… -- 2008-04-29 03:30

Thanks for the kind words! You guys have done a great job describing the process, so I had no problems setting it up!

Obviously I have been bothered with the lack of display of LinkType enough to include it in the module, but that was actually not the thing that triggered the idea. It was the lack of distinction between normal pages and 'data pages' or pages in EPiServer that never is displayed as a public page. Container pages are another example.

Anyway, regarding the info of what page a fetch/redirect link leads to, it should be pretty easy to add. Just add a ticket and then I can try out that part of epicode as well!

2. mari@… -- 2008-04-29 10:25

I'v updated the PageTreeIcons.Example.zip package to include the updated language file (containing the norwegian translation) added by Stein-Viggo.

By the way: a cool module and great job documenting it, Henrik!

3. grenersen@… -- 2008-04-30 10:46
4. henrik@… -- 2008-05-02 00:28

Added the easy fix that shows the target page name and id in the tool tip (Norsk lang part needs some updates though!).

Couldn't update the Example package thought. My access rights was not enough to change it since Mari had uploaded the previous version.

5. steve@… -- 2008-05-02 10:41

I have edited the download page to point to the releases in the repository instead of the wiki attachments. Should now point to the correct files.