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Module presentation has changed

Blog posts are normally scribbling about something, but on EPiCode we use it for news announcements as well (if we had a separate news section it would be kind of empty :-D)

We have done some small adjustments to the table showing all the modules, we have actually sorted them alphabetically! (as oppose to last added first).I am not sure this is the best way, but it will stay like that for a while. The concern I got is that since the naming convention for modules is somewhat "non-inventive" and "non-intuitive" I have looked for a way to present them in a mannerly fashion. Maybe there should be a date for when a module was released, updated, changed.. or maybe it should be an icon (perhaps a light bulb) of some sort say I have been created less than 3 weeks ago???

If someone from the EPiCode community have any opinions please use the comment section on this post.

PS. I am currently working on a screencast and blog entry for new free module that will help all of you in the language XML hell of EPiServer CMS.


1. steve@… -- 2008-06-05 00:40

You mean "language heaven" don't you? Language handling in EPiServer is fantastic, if you know your way around xml :-) The new module will help anyone that do not know their way around the beauty of elements and attributes. Looking forward to the screencast!