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Posts for the month of May 2010

EasySearch Released with CMS 6 Support

EasySearch is now available featuring support for EPiServer CMS 6. Get the latest release from the EasySearch Download page. There are separate versions for EPiServer CMS 5 R2 or later and CMS 6 so be sure to download the correct version. The module can be installed using the EPiServer Deployment Center. Installation instructions and the Developer Guide are included in the download for reference.

New in this release;

  • CMS 6 Support as well as existing support for CMS 5 R2 or later
  • Stripping of markup has been improved to prevent run-in of text when HTML doesn't include any line breaks.
  • The index is now optimised. Optimisation of the index is performed automatically and can also be manually invoked from the admin page. The frequency of index optimisation isn't currently configurable but will be in future.