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Posts for the month of April 2010

Modifications to the Logica.PageContainer project

I've made several changes to the Logica.PageContainer project:

  • Built for EPiServer CMS 6
  • Added language support
  • Added check when adding duplicate (page already exists in list)
  • Added webcontrol - now possible to use control on plugins etc
  • Added .epimodule file for easy install

Download module installer file here.

Screenshot of module

Anonymous access to Browse Source

We have made some changes to Epicode project access, where the major change has been to open 'Browse Source' to anonymous users. That means everyone can now review and follow changes to all project source code without membership. See Browse Source.

Project membership is still required for Subversion access to the source code, and for creating or modifying information in any part of the project.

Also, we recently closed the project Forum due to extremely low activity and the somewhat confusing distinction between Forum (support, general) and Ticket system (bugs, enhancements). Ticket system is now to be used for all requests, and we have made a new ticket type called 'question' that can be used for any general or specific question. See New Ticket.

New builds of PageTypeUtil available

The PageTypeUtil module has been updated to run with EPiServer CMS 6.0, check out source with TortoiseSVN EPiCode.PageTypeUtil/6.x

For quick install of runtime files, use the install module option inside EPiServer Deployment Center. Module files for both CMS 5 and 6, can be downloaded here.