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Posts for the month of August 2009

EasySearch v2.0.0.0 Released

We are pleased to announce that EasySearch v2.0.0.0 has now been released.

A major new enhancement to EasySearch is the implementation of a FindPagesWithCriteriaMethod that matches the signature for the method in EPiServer. A similiar method that can return Lucene Document objects instead of a PageDataCollection is also implemented named FindLuceneDocumentsWithCriteria which also has the same signature. A more detailed example for using these can be found in the EasySearch Developer Guide.doc included in the release documentation.

Support for synonyms has been added by providing an ISynonymProvider interface that allows a developer to implement their own custom provider. An example of creating a custom ISynonymProvider and how to use it when performing a search is also provided in the documentation.

Faceted search is now fully supported and documentation for creating a fully featured faceted search page is also provided. Faceted search enables users to filter away unwanted hits based on categories or topics. This allows them to find more relevant results more quickly. An excellent demo package provided by Mari Jørgensen using the previous EasySearch v1.x release is available to try.

More information and a list of bug fixes can be found on the EasySearch Module Page.

Download Easysearch v2.0.0.0