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Posts for the month of May 2009

EasySearch Demo Package Available

A complete demo package is now available for download. The package includes:

  • EasySearch runtime files
  • Demo Search page template with facet controls
  • Sample content with categorized information

Use EPiServer Deployment Center to install the package to your EPiServer CMS 5 R2 site (requires version 5.2.375.133). When the installation has finished you need to start indexing of your site:

  • Go to admin mode, select EasySearch Lucene Management Plug-in under 'Tools'
  • Click on Index button

Once this is done, EasySeach will automatically index your content.

Now you're all set and ready to start experiencing EasySearch. You'll find the demo search page (named "Search") directly under your start page.

Download the zip here. PS: If you already have EasySearch configuration in your web.config you need to comment out your existing section, or you will have duplicate definitions that will result in a runtime error.

EasySearch demo site with faceted search controls is available

I have set up a demo site with faceted controls for EPiServer "Categories, Page Types, Documents and Author. Try it out on http://easysearch.demo.bvn.no/en/Search/ (the controls are developed by Mari Jørgensen).

As the site is sort of limted in regards to content try to search for "episerver" and you will see alle the different facets and perform "drill down".

If you want to try it out from an editor point of view you can contact me and I will give you a username and passord.