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Posts for the month of October 2009

NetMeeting module released

Hosting netmeetings just got a lot easier. Create meetings, host them and handle questions and replies directly in EPiServer. When you're done, you can archive the meeting for later use.


  • Separate meeting administration interface for working with questions (answering, deleting, postponing)
  • Many editors can answer at the same time from many machines
  • Ajax interface and a great user experience for end users and editors
  • Auto-refreshes the question page to show new answers during the meeting
  • Questions can be made prior to the meeting
  • Old netmeetings can be archived to text and xml format

The module is built for EPiServer CMS 5 R2 (but should also work for later versions SP1 and SP2). And it's FREE. 

Read more about the module here.