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Posts for the month of April 2008

PageTreeIcons - so natural that it feels like EPiServer

I have just downloaded and installed the module and I must say I am impressed! Not just the module it self, but the fact that documentation, source code and a EPiServer Manager installation *zip file have been added to EPiCode without us in BV Network being involved - big up to Henrik Nyström.

Now, back to the module... I have held a lot of editor and admin courses and one of the FAQ's are; "how do I know if a page fetch its data from another page?". "Well, go to edit, switch to "shortcut/external link" and check..."

Not any more! The idea behind PageTreeIcons feels so natural that you wonder why this isn't a part of standard EPiServer? Luckily the module has found it's way to EPiCode and I can now tell the course participants; "if you wonder if a page fetches its data from another page - just look at the icon!".

As for improvements I would like to get information about what page it is fetching its data from with an option to navigate to that page.

Keep the modules coming!

Screencast of the Flexigrid module has been added

We always try to make a screencasts of the modules on EPiCode but the work is hard and the time is scares so we often fall behind.

However a screencast of the Flexigrid module has been created and is available at https://www.coderesort.com/p/epicode/wiki/Flexigrid/Screencast#Screencast.

If you have any comments on the quality, length or content of the screencasts please let me know!

RssToPage module for EPiServer CMS 5

The RssToPage module has now been rewritten for the CMS 5 SP1 version of EPiServer.

An EPiServer Manager installation package is available here

Read more about the module at the RssToPage wiki page

Minor bugfix for GoogleMaps module

If you have installed the new demo template package from EPiServer, you may have noticed that the Google map key manager admin plugin fails.
The source (and .zip installation) has now been updated with a fix regarding this issue. 

Manage your Newsletters in EPiServer

The Newsletter module lets you create pages in EPiServer and send pages as emails to many recipients. In contrast to the built-in subscription feature this module is push based, as you define the content, and control the sending.

The feature list include:

  • Sample Newsletter template
  • Subscribe/ unsubscribe templates
  • HTML and text formatted content
  • Import e-mail addresses with duplicate handling
  • And as with all modules on EPiCode, full source code for you to change, improve and adjust to your needs.

We have just created a new screencast of the module in use. Check it out today.

Download the module (or check out the code)

Note: This is one of two modules on EPiCode that actually cost money to use in a customer project. We simply ask you to send an e-mail with the billing information and you are ready to go.

As always we are looking to expand the offering on EPiCode. We ask that if you have a module or piece of code that you are proud of or you think someone else could benefit from - please post it on EPiCode!

Happy spamming!