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Posts for the month of December 2008

Two new modules from EPiServer AB

Ruwen Jin and Johan Olofsson from the EPiServer Research team has added two modules today:

  • TranslateX - a module to help translate EPiServer pages if you work with external translation services, such as LionBridge or Translations.com
  • PageScripts - a powerful module to help you manage client scripts on your site without having to modify any templates. See Johan's blog for more information and screenshots.

The Research team has also been involved in other modules on EPiCode, like the Google Analytics page plugin and the really nice Google Maps integration module.

Thanks for contributing!

Using Modules in EPiServer CMS R2

With EPiServer CMS 5 R2, the "Install Module" feature disappeared along with the "old" EPiServer CMS Manager. The new msi based EPiServer CMS 5 Installation Manager can also handle module installations, but creating these installation packages for R2 is more time consuming and complex than it used to be.

Accordingly, it will take some time before the modules on EPiCode is R2-enabled. Check the different modules download page to see if R2 is supported. If there is no separate R2 download, you will have to download the source code and add the run-time files manually, or you can extract the files in the R1 .zip file and deploy them manually (importing any pages and applying web.config changes.)

If you're a module owner, and want to create an installer for R2, please check out the Getting Started blog post by Fredrik Tjärnberg.