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Posts for the month of October 2008

Migrating picture gallery

I've just finished migrating a site from 4.62 to EPiServer CMS 5. The site made quite heavily use of the PictureGallery module, and here are the lessons learned:

First off you need to have migrated your data using the migration tool, and migrated most of your code (you can skip the PictureGalley template and usercontrol, just remove it from your cms5 project). When that step is done (and it will take some time) you're ready to "migrate" the module.


Download the v5. version from the repository and copy runtime files to your webroot.

The template

  • Open the PictureGallery.aspx (located in the EPiCode\PictureGallery\templates folder) in Visual Studio. Make sure that the MasterPageFile attribute points to your masterpage.
  • Go to admin mode, find the picture galley page type
    • Change the path so that it points to the .aspx in the EPiCode\PictureGallery\templates folder
    • Change the name of the URL to gallery property to 'GalleryPath'.

Picture galley template


If you had a separate FileHandler set up for the module in version 4 you should be fine - the migration tool will then have migrated the FileSystem and added the necessary settings to web.config.
If not, just add the following VPP to your web.config:

<add showInFileManager="false"
     virtualName="Global Files"
     name="SiteGlobalFiles"               type="EPiServer.Web.Hosting.VirtualPathVersioningProvider,EPiServer" />

By now your picture gallery pages should be up and running ;-)