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New module - Multi-page Property Plus

A new new multi-page property with an improved GUI. Gone are reloads for every addition of a new page and for every sort event. Gone are headaches for the programmers such as allowed sub-page tests and ways to set the maximum number of sub-pages. Now the look and feel of the multi-page property can be controlled with a single line of code.


  • JQuery-based UI that handles all changes in a single postback event.
  • Easy installation.
  • Easy customization using attributes.
  • Based on PageTypeBuilder.

See screenshots and download the code

The module is created by Peder Ydalus.

Updates on GoogleMapsLocation

I upgraded the project GoogleMapsLocation to use Google Maps API v3 and made this update a CMS 6 module. Also added support to save zoomlevel to each location.

Updates on MultiPageProperty

The MultiPageProperty has been updated with epimodule packages for CMS 5 and CMS 6. Check out the updated download section.

In addition, a bug that caused an error message to appear while using the property on an unsaved page, has been fixed.

Minor update for the 404 module

The 404 Handler has been updated with a small fix for ticket Ticket 248 "Global exception logged after 404Handler redirects". Also, the configuration now includes the correct setting for default 404 aspx (fileNotFoundPage).

An updated module package can be found on the download page. I've also submitted an updated nuget package to nuget.episerver.com.

Mobile URL Rewriter by Making Waves published

Recently Making Waves has published Mobile Url Rewriting module on EPiCode. It’s friendly Url engine, which translates incoming Url, so it points to specific template based on configured rules. Most useful scenario is providing device-specific versions (e.g. for mobile devices) using different templates while retrieving data from a single data source (Page Data).

This flexible solution is editor-friendly because only one form for each page must be filled and it becomes a source for different page templates.

For latest documentation, source code and binaries visit module's home page page.

Sample rule configuration:

EPiCode module of the year 2010: EPiImage

At the EPiServer techforum in Oslo last week EPiImage was awarded the "EPiCode module of the year 2010" award.

Read more about EPiImage here: EPiImage

For a quick 2 minute intro to EPiImage check out this video:


Module bonanza at Epicode

The activity level the last few weeks has been nothing but impressive. New and updated modules are flying in contributing to the ever growing EPiServer Open Source Community.

Some of the new modules

We hope the activity level will keep up, bringing value to all that are interested in EPiServer!

Epicode CrossPublish had been released

Many RFI´s (Request For Information) asks for the ability to make one page available to multiple locations (eg. a local news article should be available in the central news article structure). Epicode CrossPublish lets you publish one article to multiple structures using the built in feature of "Fetch data from..." in EPiServer.

See the Module Frontpage for more information and screenshots

EasySearch Released with CMS 6 Support

EasySearch is now available featuring support for EPiServer CMS 6. Get the latest release from the EasySearch Download page. There are separate versions for EPiServer CMS 5 R2 or later and CMS 6 so be sure to download the correct version. The module can be installed using the EPiServer Deployment Center. Installation instructions and the Developer Guide are included in the download for reference.

New in this release;

  • CMS 6 Support as well as existing support for CMS 5 R2 or later
  • Stripping of markup has been improved to prevent run-in of text when HTML doesn't include any line breaks.
  • The index is now optimised. Optimisation of the index is performed automatically and can also be manually invoked from the admin page. The frequency of index optimisation isn't currently configurable but will be in future.

Modifications to the Logica.PageContainer project

I've made several changes to the Logica.PageContainer project:

  • Built for EPiServer CMS 6
  • Added language support
  • Added check when adding duplicate (page already exists in list)
  • Added webcontrol - now possible to use control on plugins etc
  • Added .epimodule file for easy install

Download module installer file here.

Screenshot of module