Welcome to the DevNet Exchange project (DEX)

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The authentication link to the DevNet site is no longer operational.

Anyone that has already logged into CodeResort with their DevNet login, can continue to use it as a local CodeResort login.

New users to CodeResort and DEX must create a login, and then apply for project membership before gaining access. See link in menu above.

DEX is intended to be a collaboration project for SuperOffice developers to come and share ideas, tools and code related to SuperOffice.

To gain access to DEX, you need a login at CodeResort and 'Apply for Project Membership' here at the DEX project.

Within this project site are tools and utilities to aid you in SuperOffice Development. This includes working application examples, multiple language examples (.NET, Java, PHP, Python), debugging utilities, example web applications, and more!

For information or questions, please contact Anthony Yates.