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Create your project. Learn about the various features, and try them out yourself. See if it fits your working practices. Adopt to it, and make it adopt to you.

The full terms for the project hosting service is available when you Create a New Project.

We offer a very simple pricing model: NOK 1000,- excl. VAT per month per project for Norwegian customers, alternatively EUR/€ 125 per month for international customers.

It allows for 1 project environment (web project and source repository) with:

BV Network AS will provide hosted and direct services and support to the best of our abilities, with a service level that should be acceptable for most users and use cases. For hosted services, the intention is to keep the projects online and available 24 hours a day with a minimum of disturbances.

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Built using Open Source

All components used for storing and accessing your information is based on Open Source. The day you chose to end your hosting here, you are free to continue to use all your information and source repository.

BV Network AS is an active contributor to the Trac project, where one of our employees is a member of the core development team. In addition, all modules we have made that store or interact with your data are made available as open source by us - see osimons for some links to modules we have developed or contributed to actively.