Saving Custom Queries as Reports

Thought I'd drop a note on yet another new feature that is easy to miss - a very useful feature for anyone using the Ticket system.

Projects contain two types of ticket listings. The listed Reports used to be SQL only. Anyone looked at the SQL or tried to modify or make new SQL-based reports? Not as easy as anyone would have liked.

Custom Query on the other hand is great for picking the criteria of the selection, selecting grouping, ordering and also what columns you would like to display. However, unless you set them up as [query:] links or inline using the [[TicketQuery]] macro, they were temporary.

No longer. This button is now available on Custom Query pages:

'Save Query' button.

Saving a query as a report makes it appear on the 'View Tickets' front page, and allows you to link to it using the report syntax: {10} or report:10

Much nicer don't you think?

  • Posted: 2008-02-13 02:13
  • Author: simon
  • Categories: howto



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