Start Talking!

A project at CodeResort is a container for source, documentation, tickets, news and more. Our intention is being able to capture and track history for all formal and informal aspects of project progress.

With the addition of 'Talk' for all projects, there is now also a way for interactive group chats in projects. This new feature can be used for many cool things:

  • Do online project meetings. No travel needed. No typing of minutes with the full transcript always being available.
  • Make a Talk for general project chat, and have the project members 'hang out' there and post their questions for all to see and share. Enlighten everyone.
  • Make a Talk to act as a Twitter-like stream of notes from the project progress. Stay updated.
  • Create a Talk to act as a pasteboard, post snippets and insights for discussion, solve code problems, do code reviews.
  • Use a talk to log events - like a 'deployment log' or 'build log' for information and follow-ups.

Curious? See screenshot (from early testing at the Epicode chat).

Talk is enabled for all projects by default, but some configuration is needed to take full advantage of the feature:

  1. Users of talk rooms, need TALK_USE permission. Creators of rooms need TALK_CREATE.
  2. Create rooms. Start with as few rooms as possible to focus attention - increase as needed.
  3. Activity in Talk rooms are recorded at hourly basis, but remember to tick-off to include 'Talk logs' in your view. Not least if you already have added Timeline RSS feeds - if so you need to grab a new feed, or edit the feed adding &talk=on to the pre-existing query parameters.

As usual, the code for the Talk plugin will be made available as open source (soon) - based on our customer promise that any project created or used at CodeResort is yours to set up anywhere else, whenever you want.

We would welcome feedback on this feature - add a comment to the blog post, or contact us with your input.



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