Blog feature available for all projects

Every project on CodeResort now has a Blog:

  • Regular projects (/p/projectname) have a project-internal blog, available to project members only.
  • User projects (/u/username) have a public blog for anonymous access - open to the world.

Blog for regular projects

The Blog is enabled by default for all projects, but only project administrators will actually see it due to their extended permissions. To let other in you need to set permissions. A typical setup based on our default permission setup is:

  • Grant BLOG_MODIFY_OWN to members ('@member' group) so they can view all the news, post their own news, but not modify the news of others.
  • Also, grant them BLOG_COMMENT permission so that the project members can comment on blog posts.

Why a project blog? Our motivation for this feature was to find a nice and simple way to bring any kind of 'news' into the project information - and documentation. It fills a much needed gap for information that does not fit nicely into either wiki, tickets, or changeset messages. We can't tell you how you should use it, but here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • News on project organisation, introducing new project members or new responsibilities.
  • Project deliveries such as releases / deployments and changeovers, announcing branches and the like.
  • Pulling together a number of tickets, changesets and wiki updates into a coherent overview of what has actually happened and why.
  • Notes on changes to developer setups, dependencies or similar information needed for people to do their work.

The blog has its own RSS feed for full-length messages, and it also puts all creations, edits and comments into the Timeline. Note that if you already have a Timeline RSS feed set up, you need to grab the URL again to get the blog events (blog=on needs to be added to the query string).

Try it out, and see what it can do for you and your project.

Blog for user projects

Having the blog feature available, we thought it would be a great idea for any user with their own project to also have a blog to share their findings and thoughts with others. The user project blog is all pre-configured and ready, so just get started posting.

Note: If you have a login but no user project, you basically only need to click 'Create Profile' in the top navigation menu. Fill in the form, and your own personal mini-project is created. Currently a 'user project' has the following main features:

  • A Wiki, only available for you.
  • 'My Tickets' - your own overview of all open tickets in all projects on CodeResort where you are somehow involved.
  • The Blog that is available to the world.

If you do start using your personal blog, let us know so that we can add a link to your blog in the sidebar here.

More Information

We've also added a help page with further information about the blog - see 'Help' form inside your project, or read the wiki page here if you are logged in: HelpUser/Blog

Open Source

Lastly, just a note to say that the blog feature is made available as open source - developed and maintained by CodeResort: http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/FullBlogPlugin

This is done to ensure that whatever data you enter into your project here at CodeResort, will also be available and accessible if you for some reason should want to move your project away from CodeResort later.


Do you like the blog? Does it make sense? Do you have requests for changes or new additions to the functionality?

We made it for you, and appreciate any help you can give us in making this a useful feature.

  • Posted: 2008-01-18 13:58 (Updated: 2008-01-19 02:31)
  • Author: simon
  • Categories: news howto


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