New Talk features: View-only & Offline notification

We've made some very useful additions to our Talk feature - available to all projects.

Offline support with notification

Screenshot showing 'Remember me...' for Talk.

As a user, you can now mark your membership in the room as permanent. If you are not presently available in the room, you will still be listed in a new 'Offline' users list.

The really useful extension of this is that we will notify you by email if someone speaks to you in the room when you are offline. That way others can bring you into the discussion, and you can bring in others as needed.

The format for addressing users is to start the line with an explicit reference to the user:

steve: Got an opinion on this new suggestion from john?

User 'steve' would be notified if not online.

View-only access to talks

It is now possible to assign read-only permission to users, and TALK_VIEW allows viewing full transcript and follow ongoing discussions. With the exception of posting new messages or uploading files.

As an extension of this feature, the view-only policy has also been enforced for rooms marked as 'closed'. Only TALK_ADMIN permission will allow posting in closed rooms.


Why not create a Talk to host your next project meeting?

  • Posted: 2011-03-25 13:45
  • Author: simon
  • Categories: news



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