Posts for the month of August 2011

No Internet Link

Our Internet link broke twice this weekend (all times are CET):

  1. On Saturday August 27th at 11:42 the link went down. We called for emergency help and the ISP arranged for someone to come in and check cables. Unplugging and replugging cables, and as if by magic the link became active again at 16:36. 4h54m downtime.
  1. On Sunday August 28th in the evening the link started to become unreliable. Lots of packets not making it through the link, effectively slowing the service to a crawl. At 23:45 the link died completely. Contacted ISP emergency help again, but as it was now nighttime there was no real hope of immediate help. We scheduled a new visit first thing Monday morning. They arrived as promised, changed various cables and plugs, and measured all cabling for control. Link reconnected at 09:57, logging 10h12m of downtime.

We are quite confident the problem was related to cabling, and our ISP is quite confident that current cabling is OK. We sincerely hope the issue is resolved for good.

Note: When the service becomes unavailable, our Twitter account is the only reliable source of information. Do follow us if you want reliable status messages when issues arise.