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Agile CodeResort

We have considered adding 'Agile' features to CodeResort for a long time - estimation, burndown charts, sprints and so on. We have evaluated, tested and coded, but as we operate a hosted service with many projects from many organisations we cannot make any general assumption about 'method' usage. No single best-practice method can be enforced onto the thousands of developers that use CodeResort.

What we have decided on is a simple, general, non-obtrusive, optional implementation that:

  1. Adds a 'remaining' field to Tickets.
  2. Allows it to be queried with inplace edit.
  3. Allows it to be charted as status and as progress over time.

For any grouping of tickets, using any grouping/selection available in Ticket Query, the change in 'remaining' over time can be tracked to produce a nice Burndown view that can be embedded anywhere inside the project:

Example Burndown chart.

Curious? For all the details of configuration and use, see HelpUser/Estimation - also always available in the 'Help' section from inside your projects.


Batch Modify Tickets

We've added the BatchModifyPlugin to our Ticket Query module. All users with TICKET_BATCH_MODIFY or TICKET_ADMIN permission now also get a custom interface for batch modification of tickets directly from the Query interface. Queries are made via 'View Tickets -> Custom Query submenu', and have /query?... as part of the URL.

Any ticket in a Query result will get a checkbox next to it, and for any item checked the 'Batch Modify' section provides a simple interface to change ticket fields:

Batch Modify screenshot

This make it easier to manage open tickets, and even using a Query as a 'whiteboard' in project meetings to change schedule, assignment and other ticket classifications.


Improved Web Projects (Trac 0.12)

Mini Trac logo.

We have upgraded the web project software (Trac) to the latest version, and our web projects got some nice new features:

  • Improved Wiki and Ticket editors, including auto-preview while editing.
  • Edit and delete ticket comments and whole tickets.
  • Renaming of Wiki pages.
  • Much improved flexibility in Ticket Query module, allowing advanced 'and' + 'or' queries to be configured. Also query and view tickets based on created and modified timestamps.
  • Filter Timeline by author.
  • Enhancements for WikiFormatting syntax and capabilities, including improved support for the WikiCreole flavour.

Depending on your browser and its language settings, you may also see that CodeResort provides partial interface support for other languages than English. 'Partial' as not all modules are translatable or have translations yet. Internationalization of all parts of the site is a long-term effort, so be patient...

Please let us know if you experience any problems.


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