Posts for the month of June 2010

DAV File Share with improved support for Web Browsers

All projects come with a project-internal file share based on the WebDAV standard.

The main scenario for use has so far been for operating systems to map the share as a drive, and for Microsoft Office and other applications with DAV support to read and write the files directly. That is still the most useful way to access the share, and the only method that allows adding, changing or deleting files.

However, we have now also configured a much improved support for using Web Browsers as clients for reading files in the project file shares. Directories will now provide listings, and files that render in browsers will be rendered directly. It allows for easy overview of the content on the share, and also makes it easier to use project-internal mini websites and similar - for instance for publishing documentation or otherwise presenting content that are intended for a 'browser-audience'.

If DAV is enabled for your project (Admin->Features), URL and your permissions to the project share are available under the File Share menu item.