Posts for the month of February 2010

Disruptions to Service and Trouble Committing Changes

We have had some trouble with a "standby" (backup) slave this weekend.

We experienced a short power loss across our server infrastructure, and in the subsequent automatic reboots an offline "standby" (virtual) slave has also been mistakenly powered on - allowing it to receive direct traffic intended for the main server. When the standby-slave periodically synced from its master, any changes recieved by slave directly was cleaned out.

Your changes between Sunday January 31st ~04:00 CET and Monday February 1st 14:00 CET may be affected by this. Please check your project to see if anything is missing.

If you have committed new revisions to a repository, or updated your working copy with changes from others, your local working copy may well be out of sync. The safest option is to check out a new, clean working copy and then transfer any missing changes to the new working copy and commit them there. Please Contact Us if you are unable to resolve this easily, and we'll help you take corrective actions.

For any non-repository changes and registrations affected by the incident, the only real solution is to re-type and post the new/updated information.

We are really sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and have now taken measures to prevent this situation from arising again.