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Subversion 1.5 and Merge Tracking

We have been running Subversion 1.5 on the server for some time, and tonight we have also upgraded the repository format for all existing projects. If any users are still using pre-1.5 clients, now is the time to upgrade.

Subversion 1.5 brings many improvements and new features: http://subversion.apache.org/docs/release-notes/1.5.html

First and foremost is the automagic merge-tracking support. This has been a much-requested feature, and it basically means that Subversion stores properties on your branches to remember what revisions are already integrated between them. It makes for easy copying (branching), merging and reinterating.

Take a look at these short blog posts for a quick introduction to merge-tracking:

And for those keen to learn even more, there is always the definitive reference...: The Subversion Book

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  • Posted: 2009-05-21 04:18 (Updated: 2011-06-14 12:15)
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