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Backups available!

We now have backups... Just joking - we have of course done central backups every day since doors opened back in 2006.

The big news is that if you are a project administrator, you can generate and download full backups of the web project yourself:

Backups screenshot.

The new Backups Admin page is available for all regular projects, and it also has pointers to Subversion syncronisation (svnsync) and WebDAV file share access.

Together this means that every single byte of data, history and settings related to your project is available to you whenever you want it.


  • Posted: 2008-07-30 02:04 (Updated: 2008-07-30 02:14)
  • Author: simon
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Using WebDAV with Vista

As all projects include a WebDAV-based file share for non-repository files, we have of course also made a 'Help' page with information on how to connect. It turns out that the how-to section for 'Windows' was XP-only. Vista does this differently, and a plain Vista install even needs a fix to get it working.

We have just updated the Help page with a new 'Vista' section - look it up inside your project Help (HelpUsers/Files) to get started with WebDAV on Vista.