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New Public Project: 'reiseregningen' by the Norwegian Government

A new public project from Fornyings- og administrasjonsdepartementet (FAD) - a department of the Norwegian government - has just launched on CodeResort.

The site hosts a public project for the development of http://www.reiseregningen.no - the 'official' way to document your travel expenses in many Norwegian public and private institutions.

Visit the project (in Norwegian):

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Learn Basic Wiki Markup in 5 Minutes

Almost everywhere on CodeResort we use Wiki Markup to enter text. It allows for simple and easy plain-text based input that gets converted and nicely formatted for display.

We've now made a simple 5 minute tutorial for you to get started with text input, formatting and linking - as a basic introduction to those unfamiliar with wiki markup, or as a refresh for those who have used other wikis but are unfamiliar with our markup syntax.

The tutorial is available in Help for each project as HowTo/5MinutesWikiMarkup.

Happy reading and writing!

  • Posted: 2008-12-15 13:52 (Updated: 2008-12-16 10:24)
  • Author: simon
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