CodeResort upgraded - new features and important information

Last night we upgraded CodeResort to a new version bringing lots of shiny new features. There will be in-depth introductions to new features and usage examples shortly to get you started using them, so for the moment I just wanted to provide some important information to current users about some changes that may involve minor updates in your projects related to wiki syntax:

  1. The [[TOC]] macro has changed slightly, so for a list of pages 'starting with...' you now need to append a '*' to the partial pagename. Without the wildcard, it will only fetch the page with that exact name. Some of the other macros have also seen minor changes, so if they don't work as expected be sure to look at the Help page for HelpUser/WikiMacros.
  2. Syntax for project- and server-relative linking has now changed. [/somewhere] now uses the project as root for urls, so if you want to link to some resource in another project you use this syntax to base it on the server root: [//somewhere]. Or, even better is the new InterWiki syntax that lets you make your own custom links to external resources. Check HelpUser/InterWiki for now - I'll blog about this in not too long.
  3. The {{{#!html}}} syntax is still allowed, but each section now has to be valid html in order to render - if not, it will be skipped. The trick of embedding wiki inside some open and close html element sections now have a better solution using the new #!div and [[span]] syntax. Read up on this in Help; HelpUser/WikiAdvanced.

Updating all our own content, these were the most visible to us. If you find other issues that are not clearly covered here or in Help, please let us now. Perhaps by logging in and leaving a comment on this blog post.

Lastly, here are some of the new features that I have in my 'to-blog' list - make sure to check back soon or subscribe to the blog RSS feed:

  • Project Blog for project-internal news and information, and even a public blog for any users that have created a profile at CodeResort.
  • InterWiki link support.
  • Improved ticket workflow and ticket and query improvements in general.
  • Subversion 'Annotate' (Blame) of any file in the repository.
  • Turn off or on features for your project.
  • Wiki page templates for standardising content and structure of new wiki pages.
  • ...and more.

Hope you enjoy the new release! Stay tuned!

  • Posted: 2008-01-18 03:18 (Updated: 2008-01-18 22:19)
  • Author: simon
  • Categories: news


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